Stock Photography

Lisa’s stock photography archive contain a diverse collection of current imagery as well as images from the past three plus decades of her shooting career. Subject matter includes, food, concepts, still lifes, collections, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, nature, travel photography from cities, towns, and notable places.

Lisa Masson Stock Photography is a growing collection of photographic archives, and a work in process. Any digital image can be custom processed to fit your specific needs, size and orientation.

At this time many of Lisa’s images have not been posted, please do not hesitate to contact us to help with your search.  

Need an image you don't see? Please contact us to search our archives to find a specific image or concept.

Need a custom photograph? 

Lisa has extensive shooting experience with a good mix of corporate, advertising and editorial clientele. She and is available for commissions and assignment photography in the Studio and on Location. 

Still Lifes

All of her images are available as fine art giclee´ prints on paper or canvas.

You can reach Lisa at 410-990-1777

You may purchase a royalty-free or flat-rate license for commercial use in distinct media categories.

Royalty-free licenses apply to one client only. Royalty-free licenses range from $125 for small web usage to $750 for a full resolution file. Licensee accepts responsibility for removal of all logos, signage, trademarks from images.

A rights-managed license lasts for two years and includes unlimited impressions and placement without any size limitations in the selected media.  It is a global license for use in any country.  

$600 for Web Use:  Any web, internet, intranet, e-mail marketing or electronic communications.

$1,200 for Collateral Print Use (including web):  Brochures, magazines, handouts and other corporate communications that are printed and distributed in a corporate environment.  This category also includes the web/electronic use described above.

$1,800 for Advertising Use (including web + collateral print): Any print advertising media including magazine placement, display, outdoor, point of sale, direct mail, out of home, transit and trade show displays.  This category also includes the non-advertising collateral print use and web/electronic media use described above.
A ten day commercial license for internal evaluation or client presentation use is available for $60. If this license is upgraded to a full license in one of the three categories listed above, a price offset of $60 will be applied to the final license fee.

Extensive and extended usage is available.  Please email with your request.
EDITORIAL USAGE: Pricing is based upon circulation and page size. Please contact us for license information.

All of the above licenses are non-exclusive. Exclusivity is an option available at an additional cost.

A license is for the use by one company either by direct purchase or via purchase by their ad/marketing agency.

To inquire about licensing options not described here, contact Lisa Masson at or +1-410-990-1777

Licenses are billed in US dollars via a secure credit card transaction.

Files are released upon payment in full.  Licenses are non-refundable.