Lisa Masson Photography specializes in assisting hospitality organizations, restaurants, architects, interior designers and ad agencies to communicate with high quality, creative lifestyle images that showcase their properties, products and concepts. With more than two decades of experience Lisa ensures that you have artistic striking interiors, dramatic architectural exteriors and colorful displays of food and other products that will increase your visibility and sales.

If you would like to discuss working on a project together please contact Lisa at the studio 410-990-1777


"Photography can be the make or break as to weather a customer decides to conduct business with your hotel" Hotelogy View Portfolio


"the mother art = Without an architecture of our own, we have no soul of our own civilization"     Frank Lloyd Wright
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Lighting, angles, timing and experience create inviting images that will beckon your customers to return again and again.      View Portfolio


"Professional food photography is a collaborative effort, involving an art director, photographer & food stylist."  Wikipedia      View Portfolio


Well crafted images of interiors and exteriors for Designers, Builders, Realtors & Magazines will attract new clients.

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 Kitchen & Bath

Showcase your finished kitchen and bath design projects and showrooms to reach new markets.   

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Highlight your Interior retail furnishings & home goods to enhance visibility in your marketing materials.               

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 Gardens & Landscape

Capturing lush outdoor environments for Designers and Landscapers to illustrate their craftsmanship.  View  Portfolio


Product photography for all types of marketing to engage the consumer. View Portfolio

 Studio Stills

Compositions delicately laid out to bring your visual concepts to life.   View Portfolio


Portraying the maritime lifestyle connecting with your customers. View Portfolio


Corporate Head Shots, Portraits in Studio or on Location for Individuals, Groups & Families.  View Portfolio


Perceive the freshness of a child to brighten your products, packaging and campaigns.     View Portfolio

 Pet Pics

Capturing the spirt of animals for memorable Pet Portraiture and Advertising.            View Portfolio



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