Looking back over my year's worth of work I am proud of the outcome and glad to have recorded                Annapolis as it is today.

Lisa welcomes you to her book signing on Sunday, May 22, 2016 from 1 – 5PM

at her Studio Gallery in quaint Eastport.

"Annapolis - A Photographic Portrait"  Book Project Awarded to Lisa Masson to be Released in May 2016!

Annapolis, MD.  - April 13, 2016 -  Local photographer, Lisa Masson, was selected by Twin Lights Publishing for this limited edition hardcover photo book that celebrates all that is Annapolis.

Lisa dedicated an entire year to capturing her hometown in photographs.  Her efforts resulted in a book that contains nearly 200 images of exceptional quality and views never seen before via her camera lens.

“It was an honor that the publisher chose me”  Lisa remembers “ especially since they were originally looking at five other photographers.” 

When Ms. Masson was awarded this prestigious assignment she knew it would require many early dawn treks through Annapolis to get that perfect shot.  She relates, “I like to call it ‘a perfect shot morning’ because of the calm surroundings which I’m sure you’ll notice - especially in many water images.”  

Although Lisa had a non-stop schedule her detailed photos reveal the fringe benefits of a coveted press pass as she boarded ships, gained special access to private places, attended many events and local happenings.   Some notable memories include the parade up Main Street with the US Army Old Guard, in honor of the visiting ship L’Hermione,  AYC Wednesday Night racing, interiors of the Government Residence, attending the Naval Academy graduation, Sea Trials and Navy Football.

“The Navy sea trials and Naval Academy graduation event were some of the most exciting moments." Lisa reflects, "The pride, care and dedication was so evident - I hope those emotions found their way into my images. Oh, and at the football game I even had a chance to get up close and personal with the goat mascot! So, I smiled to see  Bill the Goat get a spot in this coffee table book!"

A particularly sentimental  series of photos were taken when Lisa had the privilege to work with the First Lady at  the Government Residence.  Although it was a long day creating the optimum lighting in each room she enjoyed the ambiance and history surrounding her.  “I do take special care in illuminating interiors so details and features don’t go un-missed.” Lisa said. 

The aerial images in this gorgeous coffee table book are especially breathtaking!  Although while as a passenger in a Cessna she found it quite a challenge to aim through thick plexi-glass in a very confined cockpit while finding the best altitude and angle for her best birds-eye view.  Lisa loved this opportunity because these photographs resulted in a totally different perspective of her hometown.

At the end of Lisa Masson’s photographic exploration of 2015 she culled through her myriad of images, then submitted about 700 photos to the publisher for the final selection of nearly 200. 

May 2016 is the official release date for this hard cover coffee table book, "Annapolis - A Photographic Portrait" 


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